Thursday, May 1, 2014

3 weeks with fin whales

This morning's tour marked our 21st day in a row with fin whales in São Miguel. This marks a new record here, never before have we seen so many fin whales every single day without pause! This morning we saw 5 different fin whales all travelling together. We had three boats out there and we just had to go there, stop and wait and the whales did everything. We had them very close to our boats, swimming under us, surfacing right next to us and they came so close that one of our biologists managed to film them underwater. When the whales surfaced we managed to photograph all whales, and these photographs will be analysed later to try to identify the individuals. After all our sightings this past month our fin whale photographic catalogue will include many more individuals!
This morning we also encountered bottlenose dolphins and some small groups of common dolphins spread out across a large area.

Too see the underwater video of the fin whale click HERE

Photos from today:

Fin whale back - a typical ID photo used to identify the individual

Two fin whales travelling side by side

 Fin whale blow

Fin whale poo (red due to the krill they feed on)

Aboard our catamaran "Cetus"

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