Saturday, May 10, 2014

A visit from a baby fin whale

This morning we encountered a beautiful baby fin whale travelling together with its mother. We also encountered another adult whale travelling alone and we have marked our 30th day straight seeing fin whales every day here in São Miguel, Azores. In fact so far this month we have seen fin whales during every single tour, both morning and afternoon. During the morning we also encountered a large group of bottlenose dolphins and a not so large group of common dolphins. It has been another very successful morning on the sea and we are now awaiting news from our afternoon tour which is currently operating.

Video of fin whale surfacing

Photos from this morning:

Fin whales - mother and calf

Fin whales - mother and calf

Fin whale mother after the sun decided to make an appearance

Fin whale

Well-known bottlenose dolphins


Common dolphin

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