Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A windy day full of cetaceans

Today, after leaving the marina of Ponta Delgada and riding the waves for a short time, we saw a big group of common dolphins, with many calves. They were very playful and sociable with our boat, jumping high and giving us a very funny and emotional time. Twenty minutes later we left these dolphins to try to see whales more to the east along the south coast of São Miguel. Here we had an encounter with two fin whales in front of a village called Ponta Garça. The whales were a mother and a calf pair travelling together. They were a bit shy and it was wavy and windy, making it difficult to watch them, but nevertheless our time with the second largest animal in the world was a rewarding one!

After spending some time with these two whales, we returned to Ponta Delgada and we found more dolphins, this time bottlenose dolphins. The group had a very calm behaviour and they were right next to Vila Franca Islet.

During the afternoon tour we had a beautiful encounter with  pilot whales, this time they were very curious towards us and they approached our boat several times. Despite to the weather conditions we were lucky to see them very well. We hope to see them again over the next days!

On our way back to Ponta Delgada we had the chance to enjoy the beautiful coastline of São Miguel Island.

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphin

Common dolphin jumping in front of us

Photos from the afternoon:

A curious pilot whale
 A pilot whale between the waves

 Pilot whale in front our boat

The beautiful coast line of São Miguel Island

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