Thursday, May 15, 2014

Another baby fin whale :)

This morning started with a baby fin whale together with its mother. They were feeding and diving a lot and coming up in different places making it a bit difficult for us, but still we got to see the second largest baby in the world. We will never forget that. Today is 35 day of fin whales and we wonder if we will have a day 36. In the morning we also encountered a sei whale and common dolphins. We also had some great swimming with bottlenose dolphins. In the afternoon the whales had left the area and we did not resight them. But we did have a lovely encounter with common dolphins and we got to see "Hector" again. We also got to see some mating and a lot of baby dolphins. To finish off we saw some flying fish on our way back to base.

Photos from the morning:

Our two fin whale this morning

Aboard Alfredo baleeiro

Our other zodiac Bulo and our catamaran Cetus

 Fishing boat ahead

 Fishing boat behind

Swimming with common dolphins

Yellow-legged gull

Afternoon photos of common dolphins:

Spot the baby!

There's the baby!

Making babies!

Watching the dolphins playing around the front of our catamaran

Our zodiac with the common dolphins

Travelling in comfort aboard our catamaran "Cetus"

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