Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fin whales, dolphins and almost a minke whale

The baleen whale season is still fully ongoing with fin whales, we had three whales, two adult and a juvenile, by our side. We also had a minke whale out there today and we went to the area, very close to the coast, but unfortunately we never found it. We do not see as many minke whales as blue whales, fin whales and sei whales during the spring migration so this would had been the first one of the year. Instead we got to see some wonderful bottlenose dolphins and a loggerhead turtle. And we started the tour with our resident and reliable common dolphins with lots of new born babies. So we had a great "schedule" today full of cetaceans. 

By the way, we are alomst on our blog-post nr 1000 :) Thank you all for your interest and for following us!

Photos from today:

One of the fin whale, notice the nick on the dorsal fin: this is what we use to identify the individuals

Fin whale surfacing

Three dorsal fins from bottlenose dolphins, perfect for ID-photos

Bottlenose dolphin

I can see 6 dolphins, how many can you spot?

Common dolphin juvenile

Aboard Cetus today

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