Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fin whales keep us company

One more wonderful day with fin whales here in the Azores. The whales are not letting us down, as so far May has been 100% fin whales. Today we ended up with two fin whales, but there were 3 more inshore from us, and further out our skipper and our lookout saw more blows as well. Common dolphins also kept us company today, a group of about 150 dolphins joined up and played around us. We witnessed a lot of mating and both flukes and heads sticking out of the water. Happy news for us, as we see more baby dolphins we will get more dolphins for next year. Our swimming boat swam with both common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins.

In the afternoon we resighted fin whales and common dolphins but also false killer whales

Photos from the morning:

One of the fin whales surfacing

Fin whale

Our skipper Verissimo picking up a Portuguese man-o-war

Portuguese man-o-war

Common dolphin

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