Saturday, May 3, 2014

High five

Today we all enjoyed a whole day of good weather with many cetaceans. In the morning we had an amazing trip observing 5 different species. We started with at least four fin whales and one blue whale, surfacing really close to our boats. After a while, we decided to go closer to land, where we enjoyed a small group of common dolphins. But then we decided to try our luck by looking for the most special sighting of the day, a big group of false killer whales. There were more than a hundred individuals, mixed with a few bottlenose dolphins.

In the afternoon, we saw three species of cetaceans, as well as a few loggerhead turtles swimming and feeding on mauve stinger jellyfish. We started the trip with many blows of fin whales all around. We saw a total of ten different fin whales! Then we found again the false orcas. This afternoon they were really social and curious swimming really close of our boats to the delight of our tourists. We took many underwater videos which are going to be uploaded on the next days. On our way back we could enjoy the company of a small group of common dolphins.

Underwater video of the false killer whales - listen for their wistles

 False killer whale surfacing with something in its mouth

Fin whale surfacing 

Blue whale

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