Friday, May 30, 2014

Humpback whale, sperm whale, fin whale and dolphins

We had a busy schedule today going from one species to the next. We started with a large male sperm whale that gave us a marvelous fluke. While watching the sperm whale we could see fin whales further out, and while travelling towards the fin whales we had the bottlenose dolphins around. We started with one fin whale, but we had more fin whales further out to see, all four of them together. The ocean was full of krill; the food for the giants of the sea and we got a sample so that we can show everybody what the largest animals in the world feed on. To end the morning tour we encountered common dolphins and a loggerhead turtle.

In the afternoon we had a juvenile humpback whale close to the shore in an area where it was only about 50 m deep. The young whale was most likely feeding, as it was diving in an area full of krill (again) and birds. There was also a lonely bottlenose dolphin in this area. We had the luck to see the humpback whale tail breach a few times; throwing its fluke high up in the air and slapping it down on the surface of the water. Once again, we finished the tour with common dolphins.

Photos from the morning:

Male sperm whale logging at the surface

Sperm whale diving

Our zodiac with the guide Albert trying to film a curious fin whale underwater

Two fin whales

Two fin whales (one dorsal fin and one blow)

Fin whale head, coming to breathe

Bottlenose dolphin

Our biologist (and skipper) Albert taking krill sample

Albert showing a sample of krill

A swarm of krill on the surface

Krill - notice one jumping!

Photos from the afternoon:

Humpback whale tail breaching

Humpback whale diving

Notice the white pectoral fin through the water

Watching the humpback whale from our catamaran

Humpback whale lobtailing again

Common dolphin

Common dolphins - calf surfacing next to its mother

Two "dark" common dolphins

Aboard Cetus 

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