Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Plenty of whales, dolphins and a leatherback turtle

Wow, what a day! We had blows more or less everywhere and we had great encounters with fin whales today. During one of our encounters we had four fin whales surrounding our catamaran Cetus. And in the middle of all this whale-craziness we had a rare sighting of a leatherback turtle. The leatherback turtle is the largest marine turtle in the world reaching 3 meter and can weight as much as 900 kg! It sure is a giant of the sea even if its much smaller then the whales. We also encountered common dolphins, a group of many small and curious juveniles and calves sticking their heads out of the water looking at us.

In the afternoon we resighted curious whales, once again fin whales. we lost count of how many we had around us, at least 3 but maybe 6 whales or more. We also encountered the same common dolphin group as we could recognise one of the dorsal fins. And a group of bottlenose dolphins very close to the shoreline, were it was only 20 meter deep. They came up nicely together and diving together, most likely feeding in the shallow water.

Video of the bottlenose dolphins in the afternoon

Photos from today:

Fin whale

Two fin whale diving together

Fin whale on its side

Leatherback turtle

Leatherback turtle diving

The special common dolphin dorsal fin that we recognised from the morning

Curious common dolphin juvenile looking at us

Bottlenose dolphins approaching our catamaran Cetus

Fin whale poo

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