Sunday, May 25, 2014

4 cetacean species

Today we had great whale and dolphin watching tours in both the morning and afternoon. In the morning we encountered 4 different species: fin whales, sei whales, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. In the afternoon we re-encountered two of these species; common dolphins and fin whales, and our encounters were just as great as in the morning. We had perfect sea conditions throughout the day, at times the sea looked like a mirror. Our onshore lookout also spotted a minke whale, making it the third day our lookouts have seen them, but this small whale is proving to be too difficult for us to find from our boats.

Photos from the morning;

Fin whale surfacing - notice the white bottom jaw used to identify this species

Sei whale - the tall dorsal fin can be used to identify this species

Sei whale

A perfect morning out on the ocean - just outside of Ponta Delgada

Approaching our base in Ponta Delgada

Photos from the afternoon:

Fin whale breathing

Watching a fin whale from our catamaran

Our zodiac on a perfect calm sea

Common dolphin

Watching common dolphins from our catamaran

Adult common dolphin

Common dolphin calf - notice the lighter colour in comparison to the adult above

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