Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A mixed day

Today we had a mixture of different sightings in the morning and afternoon aboard our whale watching and dolphin swimming tours. In the morning our whale watchers encountered 3 sperm whales. There were 2 adults and a juvenile seen together. After watching them for a while all three whales showed their tails! In the morning a group of about 40 common dolphins were also encountered and our swimmers enjoyed a nice swim with these dolphins. They were in feeding mode as a large concentration of seabirds (mostly Cory's shearwaters) were seen around them. In the afternoon we encountered 3 different dolphin species: common dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins and striped dolphins. Out of all these encounters the Atlantic spotted dolphins turned out to be the most photogenic and curious towards our catamaran.

Photos from today:

Atlantic spotted dolphin close-up

Morning tour swimming with dolphins (with many Cory's shearwaters around)

Juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphin 

Adult Atlantic spotted dolphin

Atlantic spotted dolphins - adult and juvenile

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