Thursday, June 19, 2014

A morning spent with a sperm whale

This morning we went to the East of São Miguel Island to encounter a lone sperm whale that our vigia had spotted. Our zodiac boat arrived to the area first and got to see the magnificent tail of this sperm whale as it went on a deep dive. Our catamaran arrived to the area later and had to wait quite some time before the whale returned to the surface. After some patience the whale came up, but far from its last dive location. We saw the tail, but only from far away. However, we were lucky later on, as we returned to see the same whale (after watching a loggerhead turtle) again. This time we were able to see the whale a lot better as it spent longer on the surface and we were able to see the tail from closer. The whale had a lot of white marks on the underside of its tail, which will help us to later on identify it. We also got to see a small group of bottlenose dolphins from our catamaran, so it ended up being a very complete tour with the whale, dolphins and turtle.

Photos from today:

Sperm whale fluke - the second time from the catamaran

The first sperm whale fluke seen from the catamaran

Sperm whale logging at the surface

Bottlenose dolphin with a broken top jaw (we have seen this individual for many years already)

Another interesting bottlenose dolphin with a white mark on its back behind the dorsal fin

Loggerhead turtle coming up over a wave

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