Sunday, June 15, 2014

A whale of a day!

Today we have seen 5 cetacean species: 3 species of whales and 2 species of dolphins. We started of our morning tour with common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. Just when we thought that would be our sightings for the tour we came across a humpback whale! It was an incredible surprise, as this species of whale is not encountered very often here in the Azores. It was a young adult that gave us an incredible show, first by throwing its tail high of the water two times, and later by showing its beautiful white tail every time it went on a dive. We could see the whale very well through the water, especially its long white pectoral fins. 

The afternoon tour was just as amazing. Again we encountered common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. We also met up with two different whale species: first 3 sei whales and later a group of at least 10 sperm whales, including 2 small calves and some juveniles. By this time in the day the sea had become complete flat and we could see the footprints of the whales very well in the water. 

5 cetacean species in just one day is incredible! On top of this we also came across several turtles (loggerhead turtles) and we even spotted some flying fish outside the marina at the end of the morning tour. 
There's no place like the Azores!

Video of humpback whale, surfacing and fluking

Photos from the morning:

Humpback whale tail breaching

Humpback whale in the surface

Humpback whale  tail

Humpback whale next to our boat

Loggerhead turtle

A group of bottlenose dolphins close to Ponta Delgada

Photos from the afternoon:

Sei whale 

A group of sperm whales

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