Monday, June 23, 2014

Four species, three resident and one migratory

Today was a perfect summer day, we started early in the morning with the sea completely calm and the sun shining. In the morning we were out with two whale watching boats, one swimming with dolphins and a full day trip which includes a visit to Vila Franca Islet.

Our first encounter was with a group of  five sei whales, they were travelling calm so it was possible to see them very well. After this we continued our trip and we were lucky to see a group of six sperm whales, one of our resident species. At the beginning we saw two of them away from the rest of the group, showing us their beautiful flukes when they dove. The others were doing short dives together with a juvenile and a calf.

We couldn't finish this trip without our best friends! groups of common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins were bow riding in front of our boats, especially our catamaran Cetus.

The afternoon trip was also good. We started by being witness of the "lunch party" between common dolphins and Cory's shearwater feeding on mackerel, the boat with the swimming with dolphins had a great time with them! We didn't see the sei whales during this tour, but we had a great encounter with sperm whales again, this time we saw seven, they were not together but in the same area.

Photos from today:

Swimming with common dolphins

Happy swimmers

Cory's shearwater

Summer day

 Loggerhead turtle

Sperm whale fluking 

Common dolphins 

 Sei whales

 Cory´s shearwaters

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