Monday, June 9, 2014

Human watching

Our trip in the morning started with a long way to the eastern part of the island. The long ride was definitively worth it, as we had a perfect sighting of 4 fin whales, swimming in circles around us and underneath our boats. We went there to do a whale watching tour but the whales ended up doing a "human watching" tour! After this unforgettable sighting we decided to go to an area were our look-out had spotted sperm whales. These animals were not as interested in us as the the fin whales, but the people on our zodiac could still manage it to see the tail when they dove.
On our way back we found a small group of bottlenose dolphins to end our morning trip.

We would like to say thank you to Hans van Haaren for sharing his pictures with us. He was on board of our rubber boat and he took many wonderful underwater pictures. Thank you Hans!

In the afternoon we resighted some fin whales, we had three whales and they were just as curious as in the morning. All three of them swam right in front of our catamaran Cetus and we got an amazing look at them through the water and when they surfaced we could see their blowholes very well. We also encountered bottlenose dolphins. Today the whales were more curious then the dolphins, but sometimes that's the way it is with wild animals.

Photos from the morning:

                              Fin whale surfacing and our catamaran Cetus arriving to the area

Fin whale blowing

Fin whale in front of São Miguel island

Underwater pictures of a fin whale swimming right underneath our rubber boat, taken by Hans van Haaren:

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