Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mr Liable, sei whales and dolphins

In the morning our two zodiacs started the trip with a wonderful show right outside Ponta Delgada: a huge group of common dolphins feeding on mackerel together with lots of Cory's shearwaters, common terns and yellow-legged gulls. Afterwards we decided to leave the show because we had something bigger waiting for us. On the way to the big animals we found a small group of playful bottlenose dolphins and then we went straight to observe a sei whale which was swimming quite fast, probably following the migration route. Shortly after we decided to leave the whale because we had a male sperm whale waiting for us at the surface. After a while, the animal dove to the depths, showing the tail and allowing us to identify it us a well known sperm whale: Mr Liable. On our way back to Ponta Delgada we went to see again the baleen whales, but this time we found 4 sei whales, also continuing on their migration towards the west of the island. It has been a morning full of animals!

In the afternoon we resighted the sei whales, which may have been be the same individuals as in the morning. We got some nice surprises with the sei whales turning curious and they came close to our catamaran, on both our sides, making us feel surrounded by whales for a moment. We also resighted Mr Liable, the large sperm whale male, and once again he gave us that marvelous fluke which we can recognise him from. Closer to shore we encountered a large group of common dolphins that were very playfully jumping around us. Once again in the afternoon we were surrounded by cetacean species. They had plenty of babies, and some of them were jumping high our of the air (see photos below). During the afternoon we also came across a very small loggerhead turtle.

We hope that all our clients have a great stay in São Miguel, and wish everybody a happy World Oceans Day!

Video of the common dolphins from the afternoon

Photos from the morning:

Sei whale outside Ponta Delgada

Sei whale surfacing and blowing

 Sei whale showing its fluke

 Detail of the blowholes of the sei whale

Mr Liable diving

One of our zodiacs

Common dolphins feeding together with yellow-legged gulls, Cory's shearwaters and common terns

Common dolphin juvenile surfacing next to its mother

"Dark" common dolphins

Yellow-legged gull capturing a mackerel

Yellow-legged gull hovering over a school of mackerel jumping at the surface

Photos from the afternoon:

The rainbow (it was a dubble) in the start of our afternoon tour

Two out of three sei whales

Mr. Liable (sperm whale)

Aboard our catamaran Cetus

Common dolphin

Two adult and a baby

Close up of the baby jumping high

Aboard our catamaran "Cetus"

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