Monday, June 30, 2014

Our friendly humpback whale is still around

Today we resighted the humpback whale from yesterday, and today it gave us an more amazing show then ever: lots and lots of breachings! We also encountered common dolphins and sei whales from our whale watching boats. Our swimming boat swam with common dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and tuna! Today the photos will speak for themselves.

Click the video to see the humpback whale breaching two of many times!

Photos from the morning:

Humpback whale lobtailing

Humpback whale fluking

Common dolphins

Our swimming boat

Aboard Cetus watching dolphins

Photos from the afternoon:

Humpback whale pec-fin

Watching s humpback whale breaching

1 comment:

Dolores Brown said...

This is so cool! I've always wanted to go whale watching. I went to Hawaii with my family, but we didn't end up seeing any whales. The guide was saying that we came at the wrong time of year. I was super bummed out, so thanks for all the pictures!

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