Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sei whales and more!

The past week we have been seeing many sei whales and today was another one of these days. We started with 4 sei whales in the morning and got to see them very well. Later on inshore we found another 3 different sei whales. We never tire of seeing the third largest animals in the world! Between our sei whale encounters we also encountered a large group of 100 or more bottlenose dolphins. These dolphins were particularly curious, surfacing with their heads high out of the water. Our morning whale watching tour ended with an encounter with common dolphins that were leaping playfully alongside our boats (to see a video of this on our Facebook page click HERE). Our swimming tour in the morning had some great swims with two different species: the bottlenose dolphins and also Atlantic spotted dolphins. Those on our full day tour (that includes a visit to Vila Franca Islet in the afternoon) also encountered a group of striped dolphins. In total among our different boats we encountered 5 cetacean species just in the morning!

In the afternoon we had two zodiac boats returning to sea and they encountered sei whales once again. Our afternoon whale watchers also encountered common dolphins and a a loggerhead turtle to complete the tour.

Photos from today:

Sei whale blow

Sei whale

Adult bottlenose dolphin

A young bottlenose dolphin

Common dolphins bowriding our catamaran

Eye to eye with a common dolphin

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