Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spring feeling and summer weather

The fin whales are still around and today in the morning we had a close encounter with four of them. We could see the blows from far away as we were approaching them, several times we could see the blows and that they were diving before we got there. When we got to the area they were up at the surface, although initially we could see only three of them and it took a while before we got to see all four together. Then, they turned towards us, they sky was blue and so was the ocean, so that we could see the whales clearly through the water and predict their surfacings. One of them decided to have a closer look and came very close and checked us out. We also enjoyed common dolphins throughout the day. Unfortunately in the afternoon we did not resight the whales, but the dolphins did not disappoint us with their playfulness. 

Photos from today:

Fin whale

Two fin whales

Two fin whales

Fin whale with a remora fish attached just below its dorsal fin

Fin whale poo - bright orange from the krill it has been feeding on recently

Common dolphins, mother and baby

Common dolphins

Common dolphins

Our dolphin swimming boat this morning

Aboard Cetus

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