Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer sightings

Today has been a beautiful day in São Miguel, Azores. It really feels like we are in the height of the summer season, but we are still enjoying some spring time sightings on top of our more typical summer ones. Throughout the day we encountered large groups of dolphins (common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins), many sperm whales and 3 fin whales in the afternoon. It's so great to still have the fin whales passing by, as they typically migrate past the Azores during the spring months. One of the sperm whales that we encountered in both the morning and afternoon was a well known male that we call Mr Liable. We also had a group of females in the area, and throughout the day we were able to see many of their beautiful tails as they went on their deep foraging dives. The dolphins were also very memorable and during the day we were able to watch some feeding groups. The dolphins were feeding on mackerel at the surface, together with many seabirds (Cory's shearwaters, yellow-legged gulls and common terns). In the morning the feeding frenzy consisted of a mixed group of both common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins. It's great to have the spotted dolphins back in our waters for another summer season. Our passengers with more keen eyes also spotted some loggerhead turtles out there today.

Video of the sperm whale Mr Liable diving in the afternoon

Photos from today:

Two sperm whales diving

A new born spotted dolphin (look at the still soft dorsal fin flopping over to the side) with mom

Mr Liable

Fin whale

Common dolphin

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