Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer solstice sunset tour

This evening we had our first sunset tour of the year. During the summer season we offer the opportunity to enjoy views of the island and watch the sunset from aboard our catamaran "Cetus". Futurismo's sunset tour is typically a relaxed boat tour, but this can be adjusted depending on our clients' preferences. So this time it was more of a party in which we had music and dancing aboard with dinner and drinks. Most guests also took the opportunity to go for a refreshing swim alongside Vila Franca Islet. On our way out we were even lucky enough to come across two dolphin species: bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. The common dolphins spent some time playing around our boat and leaping near our boat. The highlight was of course the beautiful sunset which lit up the sky in brilliant shades of orange. We hope this will be the first of many sunset tours this summer.

Some photos from this evening: 

Enjoying dinner aboard

Vila Franca Islet

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