Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The time of the sperm whales and sei whales

Today, our morning trip started with an encounter of a large group of bottlenose dolphins not far away from Ponta Delgada, they were delighting us with their jumps and bowriding in front of our whale watching boat. A few minutes later our swimming with dolphins boat joined us and we both could enjoy the dolphins together. After a while we decided to leave the swimmers alone and continue our trip trying to find more species of cetaceans. After the dolphin encounter, our lookout guided us to the area of a sperm whale, when we arrived we were waiting a few minutes when suddenly we saw a misty blow far away from us. The blow from the sperm whale is lower than the blow from the baleen whales that we have seen in the past months, and during a windy trip as today it is more difficult to see. Still, we managed to arrive to its area just before it dove. After this brief meeting we had the announcement from the lookout that another sperm whale was close to us, again we saw the fluke... but we wanted to see more! Luckily the most beautiful present was waiting for us... we found a mother with a calf blowing in the surface, they were very calm and we could finally enjoy them for a while before they dove showing their flukes almost at the same time, giving us the perfect picture for our excited clients. At the end of the trip we found a group of hundreds of common dolphins, looks like summer time it is just around the corner when we see this large groups! Once again they were very friendly and playful, perfect to finish the trip.

In the afternoon we had two boats out on the ocean and also two sei whales. The sei whales were almost bowriding our catamaran like giant dolphins, but we did have a few common dolphins bowriding while we were watching the whales. We could see the two blowholes of the baleen whales very well today. After the whales we headed to an area of more common dolphins. They were very playful in the waves we had, leaping high out of the water and surfing the waves.  

Photos from the morning:

Sperm whale with a calf

Two common dolphins surfacing

 Our whale watching boat behind bottlenose dolphins

 Swimmer next to the bottlenose dolphins

 Swimmers waiting for go to sea 

 Bottlenose dolphin

Photos from the afternoon:

Sei whale blow

Sei whale

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