Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dolphin love

We started this day with some dolphin love. We had a group of more then 60 common dolphins and some of them were making future dolphins. We could see quite a lot of activity on the surface from a group of 4 or 5 dolphins rolling around, swimming belly to belly and chasing each other. So, if you come here next year you will see the result from the activity today. We also encountered bottlenose dolphins, a group with a few babies around so they had all ready done their duty last year as  the females are pregnant for about one year. For sure they will make more for next year as well as dolphins are, apart from humans and apes, an animal that also do it for fun. Did you know that some dolphins can mate with more than seven different partners per day?

In the afternoon the clouds that we had during the morning cleared up, so our boat enjoyed a sunny whalewatching trip. With these better weather conditions it was easier to found whales, and so we did. We found sperm whales blowing in front of Vilafranca do Campo. Unfortunately the whales were not so active so we did not see their tales. We also found a group of playful Atlantic spotted dolphins and later on a huge group of common dolphin.

Photos from today:

Beautiful common dolphin face

Common dolphins mating - see how they are touching each other with their flippers (or pectoral fins)

Common dolphins bowriding and looking up at the passengers aboard our catamaran

Common dolphin mother and calf pair

Bottlenose dolphin face

Our swimming boat

Top view from our catamaran

Vila Franca Islet (the diving board is the set up from the Red Bull cliff diving taking place this weekend)

Watching Vila Franca Islet

A common tern on Vila Franca Islet

Caloura - one of the most beautiful parts of the coastline of São Miguel Island

Photos from the afternoon:

Sperm whale blowing in front of Vilafranca do Campo

Common dolphin

Our boat with common dolphins

Our happy clients and our skipper

Cory's shearwater

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