Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dolphin watching in the rain

Today was a rainy and slightly windy day. Nevertheless we encountered many dolphins throughout the day. In the morning we encountered 3 different species: common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins. The bottlenose dolphin group was the same one that we encountered yesterday, with a an individual that we recognise easily from its broken top jaw. The people who were standing in the front of our catamaran were lucky to get a great show as one of the dolphins was leaping very high out of the water, right in front of their faces. In the afternoon we came across some common dolphins right near Ponta Delgada, then from our catamaran we found some bottlenose dolphins again, just a bit further our. For those on our zodiac boat a large hammerhead shark was also spotted swimming at the surface.

Photos from today:

Loggerhead turtle hiding in the waves

Watching a dolphin "flying" in front of our catamaran

Bottlenose dolphin

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