Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fin whale and sperm whales

The trip in the morning started with a group of common dolphins in a flat sea. After these dolphins, we went far from the coast, trying to find a whale... it wasn't easy because the visibility for our lookouts wasn't good , but after a long trip of waiting our skipper Rui suddenly shouted... WHALE!!! It was a fin whale right in front of us! it was a juvenile, really calm, surfacing around our boat. On our way back we had another beautiful surprise, we met a small group of Risso's dolphins. Meanwhile, the boat for the full day tour (that includes a visit to Vila Franca Islet) found a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins. We finished the tour with a large group of bottlenose dolphins. At the first they were divided into two different groups, but after a while we could enjoy how these groups were joined together.

This afternoon we had an interesting encounter with at least 8 sperm whales which were surrounded by a group of curious bottlenose dolphins. The sperm whales didn't look too comfortable with the dolphins around and seemed to be avoiding them. Eventually the dolphins left the sperm whales alone and we could have some time alone with the whales. In the end one whale turned very curious and went underwater close to us and resurfaced just a few meters in front of us. What a good look we got at the largest head in the world! We also had a lovely encounter with common dolphins, a loggerhead turtle, a white marlin and even a great skua.

Photos from the morning:

 Fin whale

 Fin whale around São Miguel

 Risso's dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins close to the coast

Photos from the afternoon:

Two sperm whale and a dolphin in between

Two bottlenose dolphin and a sperm whale

Two bottlenose dolphins

The curious sperm whale

Watching the curious sperm whale that surfaced just in from of the bow of our catamaran

Common dolphin

Common dolphin

Great skua

Aboard Cetus

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