Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lots of tails from diving whales

Today we lost count of how many sperm whales we encountered. It was even more then yesterday when we also had blows everywhere. So, just like yesterday it was a fun and active day on the sea as we once again could go from whale to whale to whale and get lots of ID photos. We had, from our catamaran, a very special encounter as we started to see a sperm whale swimming around in circles, and then towards us. It was sticking its head our of the water and a quick lobtail, and then it took a poo. Most likely it was constipated and needed to release some.. hmm... It was an interesting meeting for us, as the whale later was resting and logging and eventually fluked as well. Apart from sperm whales, we also encountered Atlantic spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and loggerhead turtles.

Photos from today:

Sperm whale tail thrashing in the water while it did a poo

Two adults and a juvenile

Watching a sperm whale passing in front of our catamaran

A fluke right in front of us

Our catamaran Cetus watching a loggerhead turtle

Spotted dolphins in a mirror sea

Cetus with spotted dolphins

Spotted dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins, baby and a mother

Bottlenose dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphins bowriding

 Common dolphins bowriding in front of our catamaran (you can see the reflection of the boat)

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