Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Two male sperm whales and a calm ocean

Today we glided across a perfectly calm ocean that was like a mirror. In the morning it was a bit overcast, but it was beautiful because it was as if the ocean and sky were joined to become one. In the afternoon the sky cleared to make the ocean appear a brilliant blue colour with reflections of our boats. The best part of the day was of course our whale and dolphin encounters. We had two large male sperm whales off the south coast of the island so we were able to see them on both our tours. The males can sometimes be a bit more difficult to watch than the more social females, so a bit of patience was required before we were able to see their tails in the morning. In the afternoon they did not show us any tails, but they were nice to watch nonetheless, and we were able to see some interaction between one of the sperm whales and some curious bottlenose dolphins. Later in the afternoon we could enjoy the bottlenose dolphins for a bit longer after we left the sperm whales in peace. The dominant dolphin species of the morning tour was the common dolphins, although we also sighted a small group of Atlantic spotted dolphins and later bottlenose dolphins from aboard our catamaran.

Photos from the morning:

Sperm whale diving

Sperm whale diving

Common dolphin

Common dolphins

Common dolphin

Cetus and Song of Whales

Song of Whales


Photos from the afternoon:

Sperm whale head

A sperm whale diving and a bottlenose dolphin jumping


Bottlenose dolphin in front our catamaran

Bottlenose dolphin with a calf

Cory's shearwater

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Michael Williams said...

My dad and mom really like water life. I would like to take them on vacation, and somewhere they can watch whales and dolphins. I would like to contact someone that knows of a place.

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