Saturday, August 16, 2014

A sperm whale day

Today was a sperm whale day. Until seven o´clock at night we had sperm whales around our boats. In the morning we had breaching sperm whale further out and closer to us some lobtailing. We ended up seeing seven sperm whales including a small newborn baby. We also encountered bottlenose dolphins. In the afternoon we repeated the morning with the same sperm whale group. Two of our boats stayed with five sperm whales, including that newborn calf and a juvenile. Our other boat had a lobtailing sperm whale waving to them. We also encountered a mixed group of bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins.  In the evening we had to go far to find the sperm whales but thanks to another breaching sperm whales we did find them. We had an amazing time with a logging sperm whale finally ending our day with a tail.  And on our way back we found Atlantic spotted dolphins playing around in the waves.

Photos from the morning:

A curious sperm whale approaching our zodiac

A lobtailing sperm whale

Watching a group of five sperm whales

Photos from the afternoon:

A lobtailing sperm whale for one of our boats while the rest of us saw a group of five whales (see photo below)

One of our zodiacs (the ones who stayed with the lobtailing whale)

Photos from our later tour:

Our evening whale diving

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