Saturday, August 2, 2014

A tail day

Today was a sperm whale tail day. Throughout the day we enjoyed the company of the same sperm whale group that we also encountered yesterday, more or less in the same location close to Ponta Garça. We recognised several individuals from this group, from the distinct marks that they have on the trailing edge of their flukes (tails). The tail is always the best part for us to see, and today we got to see some really fantastic high ones! Dolphins also made an appearance during both our morning and afternoon tours. In the morning we all encountered bottlenose dolphins, while our swimmers also had a brief encounter with Atlantic spotted dolphins. In the afternoon we encountered a group of common dolphins that had several young calves with them.

Photo from today:

One of many sperm whale tails today

Bottlenose dolphin


Watching bottlenose dolphins

Close encounter with a sperm whale in the afternoon

Another sperm whale diving

Approaching Vila Franca Islet

Great skua plunging down into a dive

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