Friday, August 1, 2014

Another sperm whale day

Today we didn't have to travel far to see our resident sperm whales, unlike yesterday in which we had to go around to the north coast of São Miguel Island. This morning we found them along the south, straight out from our base in Ponta Delgada. We all got to see several individuals and we also enjoyed the sight of their beautiful flukes in the air as they went on their deep dives. In the morning we also encountered a nice group of common dolphins closer to shore, which as usual contained many newborn babies. Some of our whale watchers were also lucky to see Atlantic spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins during the morning tour.

In the afternoon we started with a small group of bottlenose dolphins near Ponta Delgada. We stayed with them a little while, them left them in the company of our dolphin swimming boat. A bit further out we re-encountered the same group of sperm whales from the morning. We had to wait a while, but while we waited we enjoyed the company of some Atlantic spotted dolphins. The tour ended nicely with two adult sperm whales, both of them showing us their tails. As a nice finish some of us also spotted a loggerhead turtle in the calm ocean we had today.

Photos from the morning:

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins playing around

Bottlenose dolphins

Our swimming boat

Spotted dolphin

Spotted dolphins

Sperm whale diving

One of the tails we saw from our catamaran

Sperm whale logging

Another beautiful sperm whale fluke

Common dolphin

Watching common dolphins from our catamaran

Photos from the afternoon:

Sperm whale diving in the afternoon

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins off São Miguel Island

One of our zodiac boats

Atlantic spotted dolphin

Watching 2 sperm whales from our catamaran

Sperm whale fluke - a well marked individual that we can identify from its white marks

The last tail of the day


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