Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 2014 Sighting Statistics

August is the height of the summer season for us in the Azores and a great way to spend these beautiful summer's days is out on the water on a tour with Futurismo. During this past month we have had some really great encounters with marine life during whale and dolphin watching tours as well as with swimming with dolphins tours. We have encountered 10 different whale and dolphin species (see below for a list and corresponding sighting statistics for the month). As well as cetaceans (whales and dolphins) we have also encountered other amazing marine life such as manta rays and sicklefin devil rays (we have encountered these species during at least 9 different tours, which is a new record here in the Azores!), hammerhead sharks, marlins, a leatherback turtle and plenty of loggerhead turtles. These are the kind of days that we always have a lot to see and we never know what to expect when we return for our next tour out on the great blue ocean!

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