Monday, August 18, 2014

Feeding time!

Today in the morning we encountered many feeding groups of common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins together with Cory's shearwaters, common terns and yellow-legged gulls. Among the spotted dolphins we had some really new born babies, so small that they looked like sardines ;) We also encountered a large group of bottlenose dolphins. The dolphins were diving all the time as they were feeding as well. It was a morning of getting breakfast in the belly for the dolphins. We also saw a loggerhead turtle. As well as whale watching we also went out swimming with bottlenose dolphins, and two boats stopped in Vila Franca do Campo as we also have a Full Day tour. In the afternoon we encountered the same dolphin species, although this time we did not observe any feeding activity. First we encountered a spread out group of common dolphins and later we were surprised by some juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphins that came leaping to our travelling boat at full speed, then disappeared just as quickly as they had appeared. The best encounter in the afternoon was with a group of about 40 bottlenose dolphins who were all travelling together. We also enjoyed beautiful coastal views during the afternoon tour.

Photos from the morning:

A spotted face

Watching spotted dolphins from our zodiac João Vigia

A spotted dolphin jumping and a Cory's shearwater

Cory's shearwaters chasing fish

Bottlenose dolphins

Song of Whales and our swimming boat with bottlenose dolphins

We love to see wild dolphins, but we also love to see children watching wild dolphins

Our morning swimming boat

Photos from the afternoon:

Bottlenose dolphins with Vila Franca Islet in the background

Bottlenose dolphins

A beautiful day off the coast of the green island of the Azores (São Miguel island)

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