Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Heads and tails

Today we got to see both heads and tails from sperm whales, and breachings a bit far away from us. I think all of us lost count of how many sperm whales we encountered between all our boats. We also enjoyed the company of a large group of bottlenose dolphins and just outside our marina we met our swimming boat and a group of common dolphins. Our swimming boat was out having a great time swimming with these dolphins. It is a wonderful feeling for us, the crew, to have clients smiling for three hours and hopefully bring great memories with them for the rest of their lives.

The afternoon was just as great as the morning. We started the tour with a small group of common dolphins and in no time we were with the sperm whales again. They were surfacing at different times, one after the other so we could see many without waiting for long. In total we counted 5 different adults and we saw a smaller whale further on the surface. All the adults showed their tails and our biologist managed to photograph 4 of them to contribute to our research. Now we have our third tour out there to enjoy some more encounters throughout the late afternoon.

Photos from the morning:

Sperm whale head - can you see the lower jaw?

Sperm whale logging and our boat Song of Whales slowly approaching

Bottlenose dolphin

Glossy ibis?

Aboard João Vigia this morning - lots of smiles :)

Photos from the swimming with dolphins in the morning:

One of our younger clients getting ready to enter the water

Beautiful common dolphins underwater

Photographing the dolphins as they dive into the deep blue

These common dolphins are really beautiful to see under water

Photos from the afternoon:

The first tail of the tour...

The second...

The third...

And the fantastic fourth (only after seeing this photo I noticed the tiny calf under the waterfall)

One of our zodiac boats out on the water this afternoon

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