Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Magnificent dolphin day

Today is another magnificent summer's day in São Miguel Island and we have made the most the nice weather again by enjoying the ocean and wildlife within it. In the morning we encountered a nice group of common dolphins near Ponta Delgada. As almost always they were very interested in our boats and came right to us to bowride and check us out. We also encountered a friendly group of bottlenose dolphins just a bit further out. Our swimmers had some nice underwater encounters with these bottlenose dolphins while the rest of us enjoyed the group of about 30 from above water. In the afternoon we resighted common dolphins and a wonderfully playful group of bottlenose dolphins and on our way back we enjoyed the beautiful coastline were we can see traces of the volcanic activity.

Photo from today:

A wild and free bottlenose dolphin jumping by its own will - the only way we should see these animals

 Baby dolphin

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