Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sperm whales, dolphins and devil rays throughout the day

Today was a day full of marine life! Sperm whales both in the morning and in the afternoon all belonging to the same group that we have been seeing this week. In the morning we encountered Atlantic spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins, and devil rays. In the afternoon common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins and more devil rays. We also passed a loggerhead turtle but it dove before we saw it.

Photos from the morning:

Two sperm whales diving together

João saving a small part of the ocean

Bigger part of the ocean saved by another of ours skippers by picking up this huge entanglement of ropes and fishing gear. Later on this was sorted by the skipper and a sailor so we can reuse some of the ropes

Photos from the afternoon:

A beautiful face looking at us aboard Song of Whales

The final sperm whale of the day diving

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