Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A calm day with dolphins

Today was a beautiful calm day which we spent watching some great groups of common dolphins in really nice light. One of our groups started early this morning for a special swimming with dolphins program. They will be here for a week, enjoying the company of dolphins underwater in their natural environment - the best way to swim with them! The rest of us got to watch from above water, getting some really nice looks at both bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. In the afternoon we went out with only our catamaran, to the west of São Miguel Island. We encountered 3 different groups of bottlenose dolphins along the way and had really nice calm ocean the whole way. Along the way back we enjoyed nice views of the island and enjoyed spotting several flying fish along the way.

Photos from today:

A curious bottlenose dolphin approaching us

Sometimes the bottlenose dolphins repeatedly surface very high out of the water

Our swimming boat from the morning

Enjoying the coastal views from the catamaran

The west end of São Miguel Island

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