Sunday, September 7, 2014

A newborn baby whale

Today was a day of many sperm whales. In both the morning and afternoon we enjoyed the company of these whales that are resident to the Azores. The group was made up of at least 9 individuals - 8 adult females (some of which were very large) and a very small newborn baby whale. We first spotted the whale when we were near an adult whale that was going on a shallow dive. We were surprised by this baby whale as it suddenly surfaced next to our catamaran. We gave it some space since it was alone at the surface and after a while the adults of the group came up to the surface so the baby whale was not alone anymore. It looked to be newborn, only about 4 m long and with the dorsal fin still a bit folded over from being inside the womb. Today we also encountered two of our resident dolphin species: common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins.

Photos from today:

4 adult sperm whales at the surface together

More sperm whales join the group - all socialising at the surface

Spot the tiny head of the baby sperm whale between the adults

Sperm whale calf surfacing next to an adult female

Swimming with dolphins leaving early

Two bottlenose dolphins checking out who is going to swim with them

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins

Ready to swim with bottlenose dolphins

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