Sunday, September 14, 2014

Back on the sea after bad weather and sperm whales

We are back on the sea after three days on land and the sperm whales were out there waiting for us. The sea was still a bit rough after the storm but good enough for a lovely tour with whales, common dolphins and loggerhead turtles. Due to the waves we didn't get any photos of the whales and the dolphins today, but at least a photo from our catamaran Cetus. We hope you all enjoyed the tours today, the crew sure did enjoy being back on the sea. Today also marks the final day that Vila Franca Islet is open to the public for this year's season. So this afternoon we had our final Full Day tour in which the whale watching experience is followed by a lunch in Vila Franca and then snorkeling inside the crater lagoon of the islet. Our last day on the islet is a sign that winter is slowly arriving, but we are hoping to enjoy a great autumn first.

Vila Franca Islet

Snorkeling inside the crater lagoon of Vila Franca islet

Goldlines in the islet

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