Saturday, September 6, 2014

Breaching sperm whales and lots of dolphins

Today we had a nice group of sperm whales spyhopping, playing around the boats and most amazing: we got to see some breachings! Our whale watchers got an amazing time with the whales, bottlenose dolphins and spotted dolphins. Our morning swimming boats swam with a group of 40 bottlenose dolphins and the swimmers came out of the water time after time after seeing 20-30 dolphins a few meter away. We also got to enjoy common dolphin company on the way out and the way back. We also had a group for Full Day that are on their way back right now from Vila Franca do Campo after a day of whales, snorkeling and sunshine.

Photo from today:

Curious sperm whale paying us a visit

Our swimming boat leaving in the morning

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins


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