Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dolphins and a mysterious cetacean

Today we had both common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins throughout the day. And we had some great swimming with bottlenose dolphins as well. The swimmers really encountered some playful bottlenose dolphins that were making funny noises and high jumps around them. Some of it was captured underwater on film and you can find it HERE.

The whale watchers in the afternoon encountered something that we couldn't figure out what it was. Our lookout had seen a male sperm whale male but didn't see him again for two hours. We went to the area of this whale, far far to the west but didn't find it. But out there we did have an animal breaching in front of us. The crew didn't see the breach but our captain got a small look at the breach and thought it was a mako shark. We didn't see the animal surface in the area. Further away the crew could see an animal at the surface, which looked like beaked whale or pilot whale - in the sun light - so it was difficult to say what it was and nothing surfaced after this. We waited for a while, but nothing. Most likely it was some beaked whales, but we will never know. It has to be left as a mystery. Our trip to the west was not for nothing as we ended up enjoying the company of a group of bottlenose dolphins and of course the views of the island were a bonus.

Photos from today:

Common dolphins jumping

"We are coming, swimmers!"

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

Aboard Cetus

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