Monday, September 8, 2014

Getting wet is part of the adventure

Today in the morning our three boats left Ponta Delgada under the rain. We found a good group of common dolphins right away and we all could enjoy their company, despite the wind and the waves. Then we left the area looking for another species and suddenly we were driving in the middle of the rain. We had to go towards the eastern part of the island where we found a group of another one of our resident species, the bottlenose dolphin, which looked like they were actually doing human watching. We all got wet but we all enjoyed the company of our dolphins.

 Common dolphin approaching

 Common dolphin

Common dolphins surfacing

 Bottlenose dophin on the eastern part of the island

 Our boat Song of Whales ready to go to the Vilafranca islet

 Our clients aboard our catamaran Cetus  

Our clients aboard our catamaran Cetus

 The nice eastern part of the island


Anonymous said...

Is there a report for Sunday as we had a great time �� staff were most knowledgeable and very friendly and most helpful.
Would highly recommend

Miranda van der Linde said...

Hello, thank you for visiting our blog. Yes we are about to write the blog for the tour on Sunday. I took many photos so I will choose the best ones and the blog for that day will be up later on today :)

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