Friday, September 26, 2014

Long tour but a perfect reward: sperm whales

This morning we encountered 4 species: common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins and finally sperm whale far in the northwest. Our tour had to be longer then normal as the whales were very far away. But it sure was worth it when we got a great reward, being surrounded by a sperm whale family. We could see a few blows around us but we stayed with a female and a juvenile. We did not get any flukes but at least a half fluke as the female twisted around in the water and we got photos, maybe good enough to identify who she was. This is very important to us biologists for our research. 

Photos from today:

Sperm wale teasing us by showing us just the tip of its fluke

Bottlenose dolphins

Our zodiac boat with bottlenose dolphins

The west of the island - showing the town and islet of Mosteiros

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