Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lots of sperm whales

Today we had an amazing morning with a sperm whale family. At one point we had at least six whales together at the surface, three adults, a juvenile and two small calves. So we got to see different sides of the whales as we got flukes high up in the air, babies sticking their tiny heads out of the water and some whales twisting up-side-down underwater. The last whale tail we saw and photographed was an individual we later identified as whale number 183 in our catalogue. This individual does not have a nickname at this stage because we have only encountered her once on April 18th 2012. We identify individual sperm whales by the natural marks on the trailing edge of their tails and we still have to identify the other whales that #183 was seen with today.

We also checked out Vila Franca Islet as the dolphins were missing. Our lookout couldn't find any dolphins so we searched all the way back for some dolphins, which normally are more or less everywhere in large groups, but luckily our captain found some dolphins just outside the marina. A small group of common dolphins to make our day.

Photos from this morning:

One of today's sperm whale tails

 A large female sperm whale, with Vila Franca islet in the background

Sperm whales logging at the surface

 View from Cetus over Vila Franca Islet

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