Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rain in the morning - dolphins in the afternoon

Today we had to move our tour from the morning to the afternoon due to rain and mist. Our lookout couldn't see anything in the morning so we went out later instead. So both one zodiac and our catamaran Cetus left the marina in search of animals. Our lookout had found both common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. The common dolphins were feeding and we could see the Cory's shearwaters fighting over the fish (pipefish) the dolphins were hunting. The bottlenose dolphins were in a playful mood so we got to see some physical activity between them on the surface. And on the way back we got to see plenty of flying fish.

Photos from today:

Common dolphin wave surfing

Pipefish flying in the air trying to escape both the dolphins and the birds 
(notice the dolphin under the birds)

One Cory's shearwater flying of with a pipefish while the others are fighting for it

Watching bottlenose dolphins

Playful bottlenose dolphin. You can see the white chin of one dolphin as it's rubbing against the other

Our zodiac boat with bottlenose dolphins

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