Monday, September 1, 2014


Today the ocean around São Miguel, Azores is perfect, like a mirror reflecting everything around it. On days like the the water is crystal clear which is perfect for watching dolphins, sometimes 20 m deep or more. That is just what we have been doing today from aboard our catamaran and zodiac boats. The catamaran is perfect for watching dolphin bowriding, as they are right beneath your feet if you are standing on the bow and when the sea is perfectly calm like this it looks like the dolphins are flying through a cloudless sky. We could see our own reflections looking back at us on the water's surface and the curious dolphins were also looking up at us. Several times they turned on their sides to look us right back in the face, doing human watching while we were dolphin watching. Nothing compares to such an amazing nature experience, making eye contact with wild dolphins!

The species we encountered today were common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins in the morning. We also encountered a few loggerhead turtles, including two together at the surface in the morning. In the afternoon we had an incredible experience swimming with common dolphins. Some lucky swimmers got to swim with more than just dolphins - they swam with about 6 sicklefin devil rays (don't worry they are safe) that were feeding on a large shoal of mackerel together with the dolphins. Last month we had record encounters with devil rays and manta rays and its great to see this trend continuing. As for the whale watchers in the afternoon we got to see five sperm whales and common dolphins. And lots and lots of turtles on the way. 

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphins next to the bow of our catamaran

Atlantic spotted dolphins (mother and calf) bowriding

Great shearwater taking off

Enjoying the views from the bow of our catamaran

Photos from the afternoon:

One sperm whale diving

Second sperm whale diving

Third sperm whale diving

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