Monday, September 22, 2014

Resident species are always good!

In the morning time, we had three boats going out: two of them for whale watching and one for the swimming with dolphins activity. One of our rubber boats arrived to the area of the whales earlier than any other boat and luckily they could enjoy the experience, seeing them breaching and lobtailing. It was an amazing and close encounter with a juvenile of our resident whale: the sperm whale. After a while, the catamaran arrived and they could see the sperm whales at the surface, blowing and showing their tails near the boat. They waited for more whales but they never showed up again at the surface, but everybody got the seem them today so we were all happy. Later we went to an area near Ponta Delgada, where our lookout had spotted a group of bottlenose dolphins. They were great, surfing the waves next to the the boat, trying to swim as fast as our catamaran.

In the afternoon we found a group of common dolphins outside Rocha da Relva, with many babies. We could also see a turtle, the most common one in this waters: loggerhead turtle.

 Leaving Ponta Delgada

 Aboard  our catamaran "Cetus"

 Sperm whale diving

 Sperm whale at the surface (note the white patch in front of the dorsal fin)

Bottlenose dolphin jumping 

 Bottlenose dolphin wave surfing

 Our tourists on the way back

Our tourists aboard our catamaran Cetus

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