Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Risso's and rainbows

Today is a day of rainbows in São Miguel, Azores. Throughout the day we have seen rainbows everywhere! Starting from early this morning when we were preparing our boats to go out to sea, continuing during our departure from Ponta Delgada and then all throughout our morning tour. Several times we saw double rainbows, some very bright and some even arching all the way down to the ocean right in front of us. And under these rainbows we found dolphins. We started with a small group of common dolphins, but they were not so interested in us. The real pot of gold under the rainbows today was a nice group of about 10-15 Risso's dolphins. These beautiful dolphins seemed to enjoy looking at us just as much as us at them and they even let us have a good look at some of the new young babies in their group. 

Rainbow over Ponta Delgada during our departure

One of our skippers and marine biologist Albert aboard Cetus, 
helping preparing the boat in the morning - rainbows!

Rainbow watching from aboard our catamaran "Cetus"

Risso's dolphins under a rainbow

Mother (white) and calf (dark) pair of Risso's dolphins

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