Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sperm whales, beaked whales, common and spotted dolphins

A day filled with cetaceans: sperm whales, Blainville's beaked whales, common dolphins and spotted dolphins for our whale watchers and our swimmers swam with bottlenose dolphins. The whale watchers started with common dolphins and soon Atlantic spotted dolphins, then we saw a feeding group of common dolphins and Cory's shearwaters. Happy with the dolphins we took of to see the sperm whales but on the way we encountered Blainville's beaked whales. This was truly a gift to see as they surfaced and then approached us. There were 2 or 3 adults and one juvenile, and the juvenile passed just a few meter away from our catamaran Cetus. We stayed around for a while with these amazing animals and after we continued to the sperm whales. It took a while for the sperm whales to accept us and let us come close to them. We stopped and waited for them to come to us. We realized they were a bit spread out and were gathering and when five of them finally got together they came very close to us. We got no tails but we had spectacular meeting with cetaceans today and as if that was not enough we also encountered a loggerhead turtle and it looked like it was waving to us.  What a day! 

Photos from today:

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Cory's shearwaters fighting for fish

The winner!
(I can hear the bird saying - it was THIS big) :P

Juvenile Blainville's beaked whale

Juvenile Blainville's beaked whale

Three sperm whales closer to us and two more further away

The group close to us

A curious juvenile

Aboard Cetus watching sperm whales

Aboard our catamaran Cetus

The turtle waving to us

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