Friday, October 24, 2014

A lucky and sunny day with our residents

Today, in the morning we went out after almost a week of being onshore due to bad weather in the past week. At  9h00, 3 of our boats were ready for the adventure; one for swimming with dolphins and the other 2 boats for the whale watching activity. We were lucky to hear early in the morning that our lookout found whales. At least a group of 6 sperm whales, our resident ones! On our way to the whale area, we could observe two more species; common dolphins and Risso´s dolphins. We had a good start with the group of common dolphins. It was small but sociable group, mostly juveniles swimming next to our zodiac boat. Then, we left the area to go towards the whales but once more we stopped the boat, this time to visit our Rissos´s dolphins. They are so beautiful, and therefore every trip we have unique encounters. After that, we continued travelling to the east side of the island and after some minutes waiting for them to appear at the surface, we could observe a mother and a calf breathing together. It is beautiful to see the strong bond between individuals, specially between mother and calf. Coming back to Ponta Delgada, we could still see one more species, the bottlenose dolphins. These intelligent dolphins were surfing the waves and going in front of our catamaran to bowride. It was an amazing morning with all the resident whale and dolphin species.

In the afternoon, we resighted the bottlenose dolphins and the sperm whales. We had lots of sperm whales on the surface socializing and being very curious towards our catamaran. We had a group of at least five or six next to us. We only got to see one fast tail, but the encounter was so amazing without tails that is was worth a sperm whale's weight in gold.  

Photos from the morning:
One of the flukes from the morning

One of the sperm whales we saw in both the morning and afternoon

This individual is easy to recognise from the markings on its side

Watching a sperm whale from aboard our catamaran

A curious sperm whale calf

Watching bottlenose dolphins

Photos from the afternoon:

A group of 6 sperm whales grouping up in the afternoon

One of our lookouts high up on the clifftop - our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Thanks to the skills of our lookouts today we got to see the whales!

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