Sunday, October 26, 2014

A weekend with a whale and dolphins

Our weekend here in São Miguel, Azores started with a sperm whale that we have come to know very well. We call him Mr Liable, coming from the word reliable. We have given him this name because he is reliable in terms of regularly returning to São Miguel island, making regular dives of the same duration throughout the day so that we can predict when he will resurface, and best of all he is reliable in showing us his beautiful big tail every time he goes on a deep dive. We have been seeing Mr Liable here for many years and by now he has become a large mature bull at least 16 m in length. Throughout the weekend we also saw plenty of dolphins. On Sunday there was no sign of any sperm whales in the area anymore, but our clients did enjoy the company of several groups of common dolphins and a nice boat ride on a sunny morning. It sure is great being in the company of these beautiful dolphins and our swimmers were able to enjoy this from a different point of view - under water. On Saturday the common dolphins were also around, as well as a group of bottlenose dolphins. What a great way to spend a weekend!

Mr Liable in our fluke catalogue. We can easily recognise him from the marks on his tail

Photos from Sunday's tour:

Three dolphins - a mating group "playing around" our catamaran Cetus

The three surfacing together

A Manx shearwater taking off - a slightly more rare bird skilfully spotted by one of our zodiac clients

Going to check our an extinct volcanic crater in the ocean - Vila Franca Islet

Aboard Cetus

Arriving back to our base in Ponta Delgada

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